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Houzz is the official app from the site by the same name. Houzz is one of the leading names in decoration, design, and home improvements. In the app, you'll find millions of high-resolution photos with ideas for decorating every single room in your house, from the living room to your children's rooms, and even the bathroom.

The app has a simple and elegant design that lets you quickly browse the different categories. For example, in the photo section you can see pictures shared by other users, and you can easily filter them according to the type of room you're looking for. 'Stories' on the other hand, lets you read what other users have to share about their designs and renovations.

Other features in Houzz include the 'shop' and ' find pros' sections. The 'shop' lets you directly buy some of the furniture and objects you see in the photos, while the 'pros' give you decorating advice.

Houzz is a great app if you're looking to update your house with fresh, new decorating ideas. It's a good source of ideas with millions of pictures and also a huge (and active) user community.
By Erika Okumura
Houzz is the best app of 2016 according to Google

Recently, Google published a list of the top apps of 2016. Surprisingly enough, this year Houzz was awarded best in show. As a handy tool for use within architecture, decorating, and interior design it inspires users with an endless supply of ideas via high definition photos. All content is published by other users and puts them directly into contact with professional interior decorators and businesses that sell related products. 
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